From the director: adapting to the new NC teaching standards

In workrooms across the state, teachers are talking about the new North Carolina Professional Teaching Standards* and the new teacher evaluation instrument**. With this new evaluation, even an experienced teacher has room to grow, since each goal is measured not as an absolute, but along a continuum, from developing through accomplished. That’s a major shift, and I’ve heard from a lot of teachers worried about how to satisfy these new criteria.

LEARN North Carolina is taking measures that will make this transition easier. By the time the evaluation is implemented statewide, you’ll be able to use LEARN NC to find standards-aligned professional materials the same way you use the Standard Course of Study matrix to navigate to standards-aligned lesson plans.

We’ve already aligned our online professional development to the new standards. For example, both A Crash Course in ESL and Crossing Cultures address Standard II – “creating a respectful environment for a diverse population of student.” Next up for alignment is our extensive collection of best practices — successful strategies from North Carolina’s most engaging and innovative teachers and research-based instructional approaches you can use in your classroom —tomorrow. To help teachers make the connections between these professional resources and their practice, LEARN NC is developing a matrix of the new North Carolina Professional Teaching Standards, so teachers can easily navigate to exactly the course, article, or instructional resource they need in our collection.

We’re excited about this new development, and we hope it takes the guesswork out of dealing with the new standards. Do you have ideas on how to make it even better? We need your input to continue to meet the needs of teachers and students across the state. Leave a comment below, or feel free to send me an email.

I hope to hear from you soon!

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*North Carolina Professional Teaching Standards
**NC Teacher Evaluation instrument

2 thoughts on “From the director: adapting to the new NC teaching standards

  1. Thanks for your question, Shannon. Our online professional development courses are already aligned to the new standards. We’re working on aligning best practice articles, and we’ll have those done by summer.

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