Teach European economics with a digital textbook

The recent economic turmoil in the European Union has thrown some of the world’s major economic powers into a state of anxious uncertainty. Helping your high school students make sense of these developments requires an understanding of the economic structure and policies at the heart of the EU — a topic that may not be covered by your textbook.

The Center for European Studies and the European Union Center of Excellence at UNC-Chapel Hill have developed Euro Economics, an online textbook introducing the economics of the EU to high school students and their teachers. The textbook is offered free to all students and can be used without registration or permission.

Euro Economics affords teachers a worthwhile resource on a safe site to offer to students interested in learning more about economics and contemporary Europe. It provides a solid, up-to-date perspective on a quickly changing region — a feat that can’t be matched by any print textbook. Best of all, it encourages active exploration at a depth and breadth controlled by the student.

If you’re teaching Europe, Euro Economics can help you fill in gaps with in-depth information. If you teach Civics and Economics or economics electives, it can provide a case study for comparison with the United States. Whatever you’re teaching, Euro Economics can serve as a way to experiment with digital texts for teaching and learning, as well as a way to understand and respond to current events.

For more information, contact the Center for European Studies and the European Union Center of Excellence at UNC-Chapel Hill.

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