News from the North Carolina Civic Education Consortium

The North Carolina Civic Education Consortium, a program of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill’s Program in the Humanities and Human Values, works with schools, governments, and community organizations to prepare North Carolina’s young people to be active, responsible citizens. Each month the Consortium delivers an email newsletter with news and opportunities for civic engagement.

January’s newsletter features resources for Martin Luther King, Jr Day. They highlight two lesson plans. The first lesson, titled “Remembering Martin Luther King, Jr.”, explores the importance and relevance of Dr. King to today’s society and to the lives of students.

The second lesson is for high school classes. “African Americans and the Vietnam War” focuses on the conflict in Vietnam and the African American soldiers who risked their lives protecting the country while facing discrimination at home. “Through class discussion, examination of an anti‐war comic book, exploration of political cartoons, and review of a less famous speech by Martin Luther King, Jr., students will study the various African Americans who protested the Vietnam War as well as their reasons for doing so.”

The newsletter also provides information for current events, grants, seminars, workshops, and opportunities for students. The Consortium offers:

  • “Civil Discourse, Civil Communities: Civility and Free Expression in a Constitutional Democracy” is a two-day workshop exploring race, class, space, and their connection to civility and free expression in a constitutional democracy. The workshop will be held February 15-16, 2013 at UNC-Chapel Hill. For registration and more information please visit the CEC website.
  • Spring 2013 Adventures in Ideas Seminars are open for registration. There are nine seminars in the series which begin in February 2013.

To read the newsletter and learn more about these and other professional development opportunities, visit the Consortium’s website. To receive the newsletter via email, contact Paul Bonnici.

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