History Harvest Blitz Week

History Harvest is an open, digital archive of historical artifacts gathered from communities across the United States. The University of Nebraska – Lincoln Department of History partners with institutions and individuals within highlighted communities to collect, preserve, and share their rich histories. Advanced undergraduates lead the History Harvest project and curate and digitize these artifacts and stories. The leaders of the History Harvest project believe that our collective history is more diverse and multi-faceted than most people give credit for and that most of the history is not found in archives, historical societies, museums or libraries, but rather in the stories that ordinary people have to tell from their own experience and in the things — the objects and artifacts — that people keep and collect to tell the stories of their lives.

History Harvest will have a History Harvest Blitz Week on April 8-12, 2013. The public is invited to share feedback, suggestions, ideas, and strategies for building The History Harvest. LEARN NC will be following by Twitter (#history_harvest) and giving feedback. On Thursday, April 11, there will be a Google Hangout at 4:00pm EDT to discuss best practices in teaching with the History Harvest. The link to the hangout will be operational on that day. On Friday, April 12, join the National Institute for Technology in Liberal Education (NITLE) Seminar “Reflection and Planning the National History Harvest” with William G. Thomas and Patrick D. Jones at 3:00pm EDT. Register at http://www.nitle.org/live/events/165-history-harvest.

For more information, please contact William G. Thomas or Patrick D. Jones. You can also find information at http://historyharvest.wordpress.com/ and Facebook.

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