America on the World Stage – a new series of online courses

America on the World Stage: A Global Approach to U.S. History is a publication of essays that cover a specific chronological period and approaches fundamental topics and events in United States history from an international perspective, emphasizing how the development of the United States has always depended on its transactions with other nations for commodities, cultural values, and populations.

For each historical period, the authors of the essays provide practical guidance on bringing this international approach to the classroom, with suggested lesson plans and activities. Using a professional development model highlighted by a series of interactive lectures, hands-on workshops, research and curriculum design, and summer travel courses, teachers worked with authors from the book and in partnership to include work with the Library of Congress and the National Archives in London. The result is a digital library of over 100 teaching kits that are research-informed and teacher-created that cover all
chapters of America on the World Stage.

This fall LEARN NC has completed the alignment of this textbook and hands-on teaching kits by hosting a series of online courses that explores each topic. These highly interactive courses are 3-5 weeks in length and participants will earn CEU credit. Take one of these courses—or several from the bundle—and learn how to globalize your American history curriculum through inquiry and investigation.

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