The Presidential Primary Sources Project: Leadership in a Time of Crisis – 2014 Videoconferencing Program

President Truman

The Presidential Primary Sources Project offers a series of free fifty-minute videoconferencing programs sponsored by the U.S. Presidential Libraries and Museums, National Park Service, and the Internet2 K20 Initiative.

Grade Level: The programs are designed for students in grades 6-12.

How do these programs benefit library patrons, teachers, and students? Students will interact live with presidential historians at Presidential Libraries and park rangers at our National Presidential Historic Sites to explore historical themes and events. This year’s central theme will be “Leadership in a Time of Crisis”. In addition to live interactive discussion, primary source documents will be used extensively during the presentations.

Program Registration:
The first 10 classrooms or public libraries that register and complete
videoconferencing testing for a particular program session will qualify as an
interactive site. All other classrooms can view the live web-stream.

Live Web-stream:
Each session will be broadcast live at the URL above.

Questions? Contact James Werle, Director, Internet2 K20 Initiative

Equipment Requirements: Your classroom or library will need access to a H.323
compliant desktop video conferencing software program or room system. The video
conferencing system should be able to operate at a minimum of 384kbps. Every
participating site will also need to test their connection with our project team in
advance of the program.

National Standards: With the focus on historical events and extensive use of supporting primary source documents, teachers will find the presentations coincide with a number of national standards related to historical thinking and reading history. Specifically:

National Center for History in the Schools (NCHS) – National History Standards
•  Historical Thinking Standard 1: Chronological Thinking
•  Historical Thinking Standard 2: Historical Comprehension
•  Historical Thinking Standard 3: Historical Analysis and Interpretation
•  Historical Thinking Standard 4: Historical Research Capabilities
•  Historical Thinking Standard 5: Historical Issues-Analysis and Decision-Making

Common Core
•  Reading History (RH) – Integration of Knowledge and Ideas 9-10.1; RH 11-12.3
•  Reading History (RH) – Key Ideas and Details 6-8.1
•  Reading Informational Text (RI) – Craft and Structure 5.6

Presentation Schedule:

  • Harry S. Truman Library – March 25, 2014: 10:00-10:50am CST/12:00-12:50pm CST
  • Theodore Roosevelt Center at Dickinson State University – April 8, 2014: 9:00-9:50am CST/11:00-11:50am CST
  • Herbert Hoover Presidential Library and Herbert Hoover National Historic Site – April 15, 2014: 10:00-10:50am CST/12:00-12:50pm CST
  • Eisenhower National Historic Site – April 30, 2014: 9:00-9:50am CST/1:00-1:50pm CST

For presentation descriptions, see the program flyer.

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