April news from the North Carolina Civic Education Consortium

The North Carolina Civic Education Consortium, a program of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill’s Program in the Humanities and Human Values, works with schools, governments, and community organizations to prepare North Carolina’s young people to be active, responsible citizens. Each month the Consortium delivers an email newsletter with news and opportunities for civic engagement.

The NC Civic Education Consortium is featuring a lesson plan about African Americans in World War II in this edition of their newsletter. “Hero Abroad, Second Class Citizen at Home: John Seagraves, African-Americans & World War II” teaches students about the accomplishments and difficulties faced by African Americans during the Second World War. Students will read excerpts from Uncommon Hero: The John Seagraves Story about an African American sailor who served aboard the U.S.S. North Carolina during the war. NC CEC will raffle off two copies of this book to current K-12 educators, administrators, and curriculum coordinators. Copies of the book can also be purchased.

In addition to lesson plans, NC CEC offers professional development opportunities for educators.

“Hold These Truths”: Reflection on Japanese internment during World War II
Only a few spaces remain for this two day event, April 25-26 at the Chapel Hill Public Library. For information, visit the Consortium website.
Hidden histories: What your NC history textbook left out
This professional development series for middle and high school educators is “designed to deepen educator knowledge of less-known state and national history.” Visit the Consortium website for more information on these three summer workshops to be held at the North Carolina Museum of History in Raleigh.
“Adventures in Ideas” seminars
A series of seminars is being offered this spring for a general audience. Seminars run Friday evening and Saturday morning or all day Saturday. Visit the Consortium website for more information and to register.

These are just a few of the wonderful professional development seminars and workshops that the Consortium offers. Check out their newsletter to learn about more opportunities.

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