LEARN NC September newsletter: Online courses, new resources, and more

Renew your license with CEUs from LEARN NC online courses

Register for a LEARN NC online professional development course today! We have a slate of all new courses, a brand new Carolina Online Teacher (COLT) program, as well as some of our tried and true courses. Course topics include the arts, mathematics, cyberbullying, differentiation, technology, flipping the classroom, reading, writing, STEM, and much more. All of LEARN NC’s courses have been peer-reviewed and reviewed by UNC-Chapel Hill School of Education faculty. See the course schedule, click on “session info” for the course you are interested in and register today!

Earn 2.0 CEUs with LEARN NC’s digital writing study group

In what ways does your digital writing impact your pedagogy? In what ways does your writing pedagogy engage students in critical stances? In this six-week online study group offered by LEARN NC, secondary English teachers will discuss how digital writing can permit critical literacy, engage in meaningful discussions about digital writing and critical literacy practices, learn how understandings of digital writing with a critical stance can be applied to the writing classroom, and compose a piece of digital writing that takes a critical stance. Participants will leave the online study group with an original digital writing mentor text to share with students. Upon successful completion, participants will receive 20 hours for 2.0 CEUs.

If you are interested in joining this online study group please email Kathryn Caprino at kcaprino@email.unc.edu. Enrollees must agree to the use of their data in a dissertation research study.

LEARN NC and Safe Schools NC offer free teacher resources on LGBTQIA issues

Teachers looking for ways to support their lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, questioning, intersex, and asexual (LGBTQIA) students, families, and coworkers can find information in a new online resource.

The resource was created by LEARN NC, an outreach program of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill School of Education, in partnership with Safe Schools NC, a statewide non-profit working to create safe and welcoming classrooms for LGBTQIA students, teachers, and parents in NC. This online resource can help teachers create welcoming classrooms in NC and beyond.

Written for teachers who have little knowledge of LGBTQIA people, the resource includes information on vocabulary and school issues that affect LGBTQIA students. It also contains easy-to-incorporate classroom practices, lesson plans, school policy ideas, and curriculum alignment possibilities that illustrate how supporting LGBTQIA students can be a part of everyday teaching. A special section for student resources, both in North Carolina and around the world, is also included. An element unique to this resource is a guide for working with staff who are not affirming of LGBTQIA students.

Gear up for Banned Books Week with LEARN NC’s Intellectual Freedom Toolkit

LEARN NC and the Copyright and Digital Scholarship Center at North Carolina State University have teamed up to bring you the Intellectual Freedom Toolkit to help you respond when a parent or community member challenges a book in your school or library collection. The toolkit includes a walkthrough of the reconsideration process, sample paperwork, recommended reading, and a list of relevant court cases.

Teaching tools from Microsoft Research: ChronoZoom and Office Mix

Microsoft Research asked LEARN NC to recruit educators to demonstrate how two of their new tools, ChronoZoom and Office Mix, can be used in classrooms. Educators from across the nation worked with LEARN NC to develop model lessons for use with these tools. ChronoZoom is an online tool that shows how time is both horizontal and vertical, meaning that multiple events are taking place at the same time in different places, impacting one another. Microsoft Office Mix is an add-on for Powerpoint that allows teachers and students to create interactive multimedia presentations featuring audio, video, slides, inking on slides, interactive activities, and interactive assessments. Both sets of examples are available on LEARN NC’s website: ChronoZoom model lesson plans and example Office Mixes.


LEARN NC staff and teacher scholars will present at the North Carolina School Library Media Association conference in Winston-Salem on October 10 and 11. Look for us at the following sessions:

Friday, October 10

  • 11am, Ardmore 1 — Every Source Tells a Story: Family History Research in the School Library
  • 4:30pm, Terrace 3 — Share Your Stories, Defend Your Collection: Responding to Book Challenges

Saturday, October 11

  • 10am, North Main B — What’s New at LEARN NC?
  • 12pm, Gaines 1 — Copyright without Fear